When the Mayor Proclaims...

With just over two weeks to go until World Theatre Day, Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley has issued a proclamation for the occasion! You can see it in its official outfit here, or just read the text below!

WHEREAS, a program of UNESCO, World Theatre Day promotes international exchange in the areas of drama, dance and musical theatre; and

WHEREAS, World Theatre Day offers participants a special opportunity to encourage peace and solidarity, increase creative cooperation between theatre professionals, and deepen knowledge of and appreciation for other cultures; and

WHEREAS, Chicago has a long and rich tradition of performing arts; and

WHEREAS, known for a thriving theatre community that has received wide acclaim and international recognition, Chicago continues to foster outstanding producions and talented professionals; and

WHEREAS, on March 27, 2009, Chicago will participate in World Theatre Day for the first time:

NOW, THEREFORE, I RICHARD M. DALEY, MAYOR OF THE CITY OF CHICAGO, do hereby proclaim March 27, 2009 to be WORLD THEATRE DAY IN CHICAGO and encourage all citizens to be aware of the contributions that the theatre arts make to our lives.
And don't forget about the city-wide afterparty happening at the Chopin Theatre, beginning at 9 PM on March 27. Hope to see you there!

ALSO! If you're wondering what else you can do to be part of World Theatre Day, check out the League's great list of suggestions here. There's also a fantastic page from TCG that includes an interactive map. You heard me. Interactive. Map. Check it out here.


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