T-minus Two Days to World Theatre Day

It's amazing to me, the body's capacity to shut down at precisely the wrong time. Arguably, given all I've been asking mine to do in the last several months (existing without sleep, proper nutrition, and - for the last month or so - without coffee), I don't suppose I should be surprised by its sudden and absolute refusal to keep on keepin' on. However, I will express a bit of mild disappointment that it has chosen the week of World Theatre Day to crash and burn.

However - the sun rises, the hours & minutes pass, and World Theatre Day is now just two measly days away! If you haven't already, please check out our international blog for thoughts on the simple and painless ways you can participate. It's not about the size of your statement - it's about the fact of it.

You can show the world what you're doing by contributing to our Tumblr feed. This link will open up the e-mail to which you can send your video, pictures, text and the world will be watching. Please remember to include this info in your post:

Your media link
Your city / country
Your theatre's name
a link to your website.

And if you're in Chicago, I hope you're making plans to join us at the All-City After Party at the Chopin. If you'd like to be one of the crew that helps us make it happen (i.e. volunteering for all or just a part of the evening) please let me know at jessica@newleaftheatre.org.

Hope to see you soon!


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