Synchronicity & Fullness

In Touch, Serena helps Bennie define "one of those coincidences--what's that called--when exactly what needs to happen to make something right happens." Its synchronicity and its fascinating. And I've been feeling an awful lot of it over the last week.

It has been a helluva week for New Leaf, and for me personally. I feel like I have poured more of my heart, more of my self into this show, and it has poured right back. Which is wonderful and terrifying and has been leaving me feeling - full. Almost to overflowing. It's a feeling that Marsha and I talk about quite a lot - feeling as if there is just so much in the world and that feeling it all at the same time can almost be too much. Too. Much. This week, Time Out Chicago ran a feature story - A Feature Story - about New Leaf. It is beautifully written and, even more importantly, captures my family as we are. It is a gift - not just to see ourselves in print, but to know that while how one sees oneself and how the world sees one can sometimes be dichotomous, at New Leaf we appear to be in harmony. Full. So full.

And then this show - oh, this show. Touch continues to surprise me - it feels like taking physics in the way Kyle describes it at the top of the show. He talks about how he kept taking physics not only because there was so little offered in his high school, but also because taking physics over and over and over, the world kept opening. This play keeps opening. I feel like I'm STILL making discoveries. These actors keep opening. These actors - I just - words cannot express how I feel about my actors. If I seem effusive, it's just because I am. So full. The beautiful full moon last night brought me to tears. When has that ever happened before? Not ever.

My brilliant stage manager Amanda and my brilliant KJ were talking on Friday after the show about how New Leaf is synchronicity. I think I agree - at least it has been for me. The way I came across the company is not surprising - I was working with a company member on another project and she brought me in for The Permanent Way. Thank goodness. But the trail that even brought me to be in Chicago at the precise moment that put me in line to meet her, work with her - it's mind-boggling. It's mind-boggling that anything comes together, really, when you think about all the ways that things could be different. But that's why there's synchronicity. I'm so glad we have a word for it - I'm so glad that it exists.


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