Single-Serving Wit

Thanks to my own personal Technology Czar, I am starting to fall in love with Twitter. Thanks to a genius idea from Simon at The Next Stage in Vancouver, I'm now a member of a Theatre Twitter group that is allowing me to make friends with folks who share my passion and craft all over this increasingly tiny globe of ours.

It's mind-blowing, really, to be able to follow the daily musings and movments of folks from Austin to Dublin to Sidney - all from my temp-tastic desk. And thanks to the good people at I can add my own personal soundtrack.

Empowered and emboldened, I'm finding that the 160 character limit is creating a box in which my witty irony is running wild. Type, type type - send! and my sparkling conversation floats through the intertubes to - literally - the whole world. Well, at least I think I'm terribly clever.

For example, when I found out this morning that Touch is on the brink of selling out for the weekend (and it's only Tuesday!) I was able to joyously declare it in song.

I can Tweet from my cell phone, from my computer - will this lead to a bevy of national/INTERnational collaboration? I dunno. I hope so. Maybe I'll Tweet about that next and see what ripples.


  1. Excuse me, 140 characters. I'm even wittier than I thought I was. If that's possible. Eh hem.

  2. I am glad you're so in love with Twitter. And see, I found your blog via tweet. What a resource, really!

  3. If you do an international project let me know. I'd be down :)


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