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So the other thing about temping is that sometimes you don't have anywhere to be. Some days you're not asked to stapel and then UN-staple something for three hours. Some days the phones all answer themselves and everything is already coallated and no we don't need anything copied.

In the present economy those days come frequently. And are terrifying.

So, today, since I'm not temping I made myself luncheon. Like, old-school luncheon. I made a meatloaf. I called my mom last night since I had lost her recipe for it - again - and she very patiently (my mother uses patience a lot when she's on the phone with me) reminded me that there's not a real set formula for her meatloaf. She tosses a bunch of stuff in (she then gave me the list of things she generally tosses in) and then cooks it for this long at this temperature, et voila. Meatloaf.

I have made meatloaves in the past that have been awful. Loaves that fall apart upon leaving the oven . Loaves that are too bland or too juicy or not juicy enough - but the one I made today... Well, I'll go ahead and say it - this is one delicious meatloaf. I love this meatloaf. It includes things on my mother's list AND things I threw in because I thought it might be tasty AND things that are clever substitutions for things that she uses that I didn't have. Item 1: Cracker Crumbs. I have no saltine crackers in my house, but I DO have parmesan goldfish crackers. Delightful. Espeically since they inspired me to also add a bit of parmesan cheese. Also fabulous.

So I mushed all of this together (and other things - an egg, various seasonings, etc.) and plopped it in the oven and went about my business for an hour. Then I microwaved a bag of red potatoes, made some brown-sugar glazed carrots. And sat down to an actual MEAL. That I Prepared. In the Middle Of The Day. It was lovely.

I will spare you the "making theatre is like making a meatloaf" analogy. Except that it kind of is. Sometimes what you make is runny and falls apart. Other times it's perfect and just what you were hungry for.


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