glimpses / fascinations

Every day it seems I encounter a new word, concept, idea, or possibility that fascinates me.  I want to dig into all of them and roll around in their ideas, innovations, vocabulary, theories, and theses.  These ideas flag me down from inside the field of work and play I currently call my own, from right next door to it, from across the street, down the block.  Some of the ones that have triggered rabbit holes of Googling-based digression lately include:

people called Cultural Geographers

Michel Foucault

solipsism - it's meaning and its application

arts education as a civil right

cognitive science

theories of emotion

reason vs. feeling

people who can write really good personal mission statements

hip hop culture and its righteous anger

the complexity and miraculousness of pretending to be a tiger (David Brooks, you're my new favorite)

I want to learn everything about everything all the time.  Today, so that I can get back to writing this syllabus?  I'm just going to make a list.

Do other people ever have to just make a list of everything that's fascinating so that you can focus on just one of the fascinating things?  If you've happened over here - what's your list?


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