the search begins... let's draw a map

I'm wondering if this is how those fellas who were searching for the holy grail or the fountain of youth felt - those intrepid explorers who went off in search of something so precious, so potentially life-changing that they were feverish with the anticipation and the possibility of it all.

There's been a lot of buzz on the interwebs about this idea of a new funding model for non-profit theatre. And I just found another piece of it today, thanks to Simon's posting of it here. This makes sense to me, the work that Stolen Chair in NYC is doing - it's inspiring in fact. And I just started following them on Twitter. You should, too. And I'm totally stoked by The Field's bold support of the work. And it occurs to me that this is what the beginning of cultural shift must look like. And that is so so so exciting - and also a little daunting. Is there a way to better establish a line of communication about what everyone's doing to support and expand and challenge and grow this search for our own present-day holy grail, the fountain of patron buy-in and community support that will keep our organizations young and vital and - most importantly - alive.

Is there a way and a place for us to come together and chronicle this quest together? Is there a way to use a social media platform that we're all already using to compare notes, share strategies, and unapologetically steal from one another like the artists we are? Without starting another organization or coalition, is there a way to create a virtual clearinghouse and pool our intellectual resources as we all work to take this step together? A Facebook forum maybe? Something else entirely? A Twitter list even? Would folks use something like that? What do we think?



  1. Hi, Jess. Yes, there is a way, and the social media is the best approach, I think. Part of my NEA grant is focused on creating an aggregation of information and a platform for idea exchange. I think there are others who are trying to do similar things -- for instance, Keep an eye on for more information. It is very exciting to think that you and others like you are ready to facilitate this cultural shift. Do you have some ideas? Email me ( if you'd like to kick ideas around.


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